Instagram’s shift away from political content raises questions about what counts as ‘political’

Instagram’s recent decision to move the platform away from political content has sparked concerns among content creators and advocacy groups over which issues will be included. The social media site began rolling out changes last month, following through on previously announced plans to stop recommending political content across Instagram and Threads. Unless users change their...

Lauren Sánchez’s state dinner dress ignites red-hot debate over White House fashion

In a town typically light on fashion and heavy on partisan friction, what one high-profile figure wore to a swanky White House affair has ignited a ferocious debate seemingly just as polarizing as politics in Washington. Lauren Sánchez, the former TV host-turned-philanthropist and fiancee of Amazon founder and The Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, turned heads at the...

Ukraine, Israel aid package faces major challenge: Lost time

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has embraced a sense of urgency to deliver aid for U.S. allies following Iran’s attack against Israel over the weekend, moving ahead with a floor vote on a $95 billion national security package. But after months of Israel and Ukraine expending resources in their respective wars absent U.S. assistance, questions...

Biden steps up mocking Trump as poll shows 2024 neck-and-neck

President Biden is stepping up mocking former President Trump in an attempt to remind voters about his flaws and personal issues. Just this week, Biden taunted Trump as shares of his media company fell sharply on the stock market. He also poked fun at Trump over needing money to pay enormous penalties and legal fees....

How Trump is taking advantage of the hush money trial spectacle

Former President Trump’s New York hush money trial has quickly turned into a media spectacle, allowing Trump to garner attention as he effectively merges his campaign with his courtroom attendance. Trump aides have noted the “wall to wall” coverage of the former president’s remarks to reporters outside the courtroom on Monday and Tuesday, sharing photos of nearly...

Blue states band together to challenge GOP-led voting map they say harms ‘minority voting strength’

More than a dozen Democrat attorneys general are weighing in on a legal dispute in Georgia over its congressional map.

Trump trial: Jury selection to resume in New York City for 3rd day in former president’s trial

Jury selection in former President Trump’s historic and unprecedented criminal trial stemming from charges brought by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is expected to resume Thursday morning.

NYPD sweeps vendors overrunning AOC’s district — but sellers swarm the streets again, selling goods

Police in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district shut down an illegal flea market only for some vendors to return and continue selling their goods.

As N.Y. Times investigates leaks, liberal newsrooms have the upper hand

A potentially damaging leak at the New York Times has created a whodunnit pitting the new school, representing an anti-Israel standpoint, against the old guard.

Poland’s president becomes the latest leader to visit Trump as allies eye a possible return

Former President Donald Trump met Wednesday in New York with Polish President Andrzej Duda, the latest in a series of meetings with foreign leaders as Europe braces for the possibility of a second Trump term.

Comer Accuses White House of Obstructing Impeachment Inquiry After Joe Biden Declines to Testify

The White House is allegedly holding up document production by the National Archives for files related to the impeachment inquiry, Comer said in the...

Democrats clear path to bring proposed repeal of Arizona’s near-total abortion ban to a vote

Democrats in the Arizona Senate cleared a path to bring a proposed repeal of the state's near-total ban on abortions to a vote after the state's highest court concluded the law can be enforced and the state House blocked efforts to undo the long-dormant statute.

‘Squad’ Democrat promotes ‘peace’ in Middle East as hometown ranks among worst for crime

Rep. Cori Bush urged for "peace" and de-escalation in the Israel-Hamas war, as her hometown, St. Louis, recently ranked as the third "most dangerous" city in the United States.

Biden claims uncle vanished after crashing in area of New Guinea with cannibals; military has different story

President Biden visited Pittsburgh on April 17, 2024, where he claimed his uncle vanished during WWII after his plane crashed in New Guinea, where cannibals lived.

Columbia University Closes Campus as Hundreds of Anti-Israel Student Protesters Occupy Quad

One Jewish student told NR she was called a ‘Zionist b***h’ by anti-Israel protesters.

Thought Controllers in the Education Blob Strike Again

A high-school student in North Carolina was hit with a suspension merely for asking a question in which he used the term ‘illegal alien.’

Arizona Senate Open to Future Repeal of 1864 Abortion Ban after State House Blocks Current Repeal Attempt

The state senate could hold a final vote on repealing the near-total abortion ban as soon as two weeks from now.

Bonkers Fourth Circuit Ruling Against West Virginia Law Would Ban Women’s and Girls’ Sports

Yesterday a divided panel of the Fourth Circuit ruled (in B.P.J. v. West Virginia State Board of Education) that a West Virginia law that...

Democrats shatter precedent with fast-track dismissal of Mayorkas impeachment

The Senate made history on Wednesday as it voted to dismiss articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, marking the first time the chamber has exonerated someone without holding a trial or reviewing evidence.

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