‘Inclusive for all’: First-term Black Republican talks non-White voters ditching Dems for GOP

Rep. Wesley Hunt spoke with Fox News Digital about being an RNC speaker and his efforts to turn Black voters out for former President Trump in November.

Classified docs case dismissal means ‘greatest’ legal ‘threat’ to Trump is ‘gone’: experts

Some legal experts are calling a Florida judge's dismissal of former President Trump's case a "strongly reasoned" opinion that eliminates the "greatest threat" to former president.

App delivery minimum wage is shutting out workers and NYC lefties don’t care

Basic math undoes the progressive economic agenda yet again: After the innumerates at the City Council mandated a $17.96 per hour wage for app...

Trump Dodges Another Bullet: Jack Smith

Everything really is going Donald Trump’s way in the six weeks since his conviction on May 30.

Andy McCarthy on Why Jack Smith Appointment Was Unconstitutional

The dismissal of the documents case was shocking to many, but our own Andy McCarthy had outlined why this would happen weeks ago.

What Joe Biden Didn’t Say Last Night

President Biden’s anodyne remarks would have packed a bigger punch if he had mentioned more than just the most recent attack on a Republican...

Judge Dismisses Trump Classified-Documents Case, Rules Special Counsel Appointment Unconstitutional

The case was dismissed because Garland unlawfully appointed Smith, whose funding was not appropriated by Congress.

Mr. President, If You Want to Mend Our Political Divide, End Lawfare

Doing the right thing by emphatically ending lawfare might not win the president reelection, but it would improve his chances.

Lawsuit Filed against Princeton for Title IX Violations

An anonymous male student ‘John Doe’ is suing the Trustees of Princeton University for breach of contract.

Diversity, Yes — but What Kind?

Most people have been conditioned to praise ‘diversity’ and then jump to the conclusion that it requires quotas for the groups the Left regards...

The Service’s Un-Secret Failure

‘The Secret Service has some explaining to do.’

One Moment Changes Everything in the 2024 Race

The nation and the world witnessed something uncanny or miraculous this past weekend.

Judge dismisses classified documents indictment against Donald Trump

A federal judge dismissed the classified documents indictment against former President Donald Trump on Monday.

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