Instagram’s shift away from political content raises questions about what counts as ‘political’

Instagram’s recent decision to move the platform away from political content has sparked concerns among content creators and advocacy groups over which issues will be included. The social media site began rolling out changes last month, following through on previously announced plans to stop recommending political content across Instagram and Threads. Unless users change their...

Lauren Sánchez’s state dinner dress ignites red-hot debate over White House fashion

In a town typically light on fashion and heavy on partisan friction, what one high-profile figure wore to a swanky White House affair has ignited a ferocious debate seemingly just as polarizing as politics in Washington. Lauren Sánchez, the former TV host-turned-philanthropist and fiancee of Amazon founder and The Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, turned heads at the...

Ukraine, Israel aid package faces major challenge: Lost time

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has embraced a sense of urgency to deliver aid for U.S. allies following Iran’s attack against Israel over the weekend, moving ahead with a floor vote on a $95 billion national security package. But after months of Israel and Ukraine expending resources in their respective wars absent U.S. assistance, questions...

Biden steps up mocking Trump as poll shows 2024 neck-and-neck

President Biden is stepping up mocking former President Trump in an attempt to remind voters about his flaws and personal issues. Just this week, Biden taunted Trump as shares of his media company fell sharply on the stock market. He also poked fun at Trump over needing money to pay enormous penalties and legal fees....

How Trump is taking advantage of the hush money trial spectacle

Former President Trump’s New York hush money trial has quickly turned into a media spectacle, allowing Trump to garner attention as he effectively merges his campaign with his courtroom attendance. Trump aides have noted the “wall to wall” coverage of the former president’s remarks to reporters outside the courtroom on Monday and Tuesday, sharing photos of nearly...

Tax loopholes for Biden’s billionaire buddies

President Joe Biden wants voters to believe his tax plans take from the rich to give to the poor, but in reality they rob us all to pay off the millionaires and billionaires who bankroll today’s Democratic Party. “Taxes,” Biden said in hardscrabble Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, where he returned to pretend he isn’t a money-larded creature […]

Deranged ‘Get Trump’ Democrats only boost ex-president with their constant attacks, insults

The “Get Trump” Democrats are beside themselves with glee about the former president being stuck in a Manhattan courtroom for the Stormy Daniels hush-money...

No, Joe Biden — Caitlin Clark does not just ‘deserve’ to make more money

Instead of blaming the pay gap all on the evil forces of the patriarchy, we should be asking a lot of questions about the...

Lincoln Center cancels Mozart and goes woke — based on a historical lie

Lincoln Center began promoting a story in 2020 that a vibrant black community known as San Juan Hill had been deliberately snuffed out in...

Biden displays his economic illiteracy with his comments on Caitlin Clark’s salary

President Biden joined in the left's outrage Tuesday over Caitlin Clark's reported rookie-year salary, once again displaying his stunning ignorance about, or indifference to,...

Katie Couric’s slam on MAGA voters lifts the veil on Dem groupthink

While guesting on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast, journalist Katie Couric said support for former President Donald Trump was driven by "anti-intellectualism."

Liberals have made our schools less safe and turned teachers into targets

Rates of violence towards teachers and between students have doubled since the pandemic. These videos of brutality and scorn are the norm, not outliers.

Trump is not the only real estate mogul engaging in funny business, NYC

The Post's Cindy Adams is sure that former President Donald Trump is not alone in fudging the numbers for his real estate properties.

China must pay for its mass murder by fueling America’s fentanyl overdose epidemic

The mass importation of Chinese fentanyl is slaughtering Americans at an annual rate equal to that of our bloodiest year in World War II.

Stop the traffic-blocking goons, buried fact in cop-shoot stories and other commentary

“Across the country Monday, thousands of United States citizens were detained against their will by criminal protesters,” fume the Washington Examiner’s editors.

NYPD fights back against illegal vendors — but pro-crime pols must get out of the way

The NYPD swooped in on an illegal vendor enclave in Queens. Great news! But we need pro-crime pols here and in Albany to get...

Biden’s call for Netanyahu to show restraint: Letters to the Editor — April 18, 2024

NY Post readers discuss President Biden urging Israel to show restraint in its response to Iran’s attack on Saturday.

Blame Barack Obama for Iran’s attacks on Israel and their bloody global price

Iran's recent attacks on Israel are the fruit of Barack Obama's disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East.

Equal pay? Why don’t women just join the NBA?

The ridiculous “equal pay” debate about the WNBA coming from some Democrats raises an awkward question when it comes to their view of transgenderism: If men and women are indistinguishable and the WNBA doesn’t pay enough, why don’t women’s basketball players join the NBA instead? President Joe Biden is among those who waded into the […]

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