GOP presidential candidates share stories of family and faith. Offstage, their sharp edges reemerged

A trio of Republican presidential candidates shared stories of family and faith before hundreds of voters in northwest Iowa on Saturday, in congenial individual conversations with their hosts not long after the campaign's latest fractious debate. But off the stage at a small Christian college in Sioux Center, the rivals' sharp edges reemerged.

At least 6 dead after tornado rips through Tennessee towns

At least six people were killed Saturday after severe weather, including multiple tornadoes, struck central Tennessee. Three fatalities were in Clarksville, northwest of Nashville near the Kentucky border, where nearly two dozen more people were hospitalized, county officials said. “This is a sad day for our community,” Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden said. “We are...

John Whitmire defeats Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in Houston mayor’s race

Texas state Sen. John Whitmire, a Democrat, was projected to win the Houston mayoral race, beating out a fellow Democrat in a runoff to represent one of the most populous cities in the country. Whitmire was up against Democratic U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for the mayor’s seat after the race slipped into a runoff following the...

Tucker Carlson launches new subscription site

Tucker Carlson announced a new subscription site for his content on Saturday, providing a way for fans to pay for more from the former Fox News host. Carlson was ousted from Fox News in April over criticism of company management and has since hosted a periodical news and political commentary show for free on X,...

Biden begins Hollywood fundraising tour

President Biden began a 2024 Hollywood fundraising blitz with a visit to Los Angeles this weekend, calling out former President Trump in a speaking engagement while plying his case for a second term. After a summer of strikes and industry strife where they avoided the Hollywood limelight, Biden and the First Lady planned six fundraising...

Liz Magill’s UPenn resignation is just the first step in ridding campuses of antisemitism

Now that Liz Magill is about to become the former president of the University of Pennsylvania, the only sensible reaction is to hope she...

Good riddance to Liz Magill: As a UPenn graduate, she was a total embarrassment

Liz Magill, the controversial president of the University of Pennsylvania, has tendered her resignation, according to an email sent out to the Penn community.

This is the year for Hannukah to shine brighter with our Jewish identity and pride

Hanukkah is an opportunity for Jews to remember what we stand for, and what we believe in. And even during the darkest of days,...

How China’s control-freak leader is hurting its ecnomy

A decade under Xi has resulted in a dangerously out-of-balance Chinese economy – in asset bubbles, and in unsustainable debt.

Why the US must stay the course in Ukraine

Americans believe they face a choice in Ukraine: we can continue to help with weaponry and funding, or we can stop now, slowly dialing...

How one Brooklyn co-op voted in the future of affordable housing

Cadman Towers traded its Mitchell-Lama past for an innovative 'affordable housing' future.

Farewell to Kevin McCarthy and more: Letters to the Editor — Dec. 10, 2023

NY Post Readers discuss: McCarthy's decision to depart Congress at end of year and more.

Windbag John Kerry’s flatulence was the perfect ‘keynote’ for UN climate confab

While John Kerry was speaking at the United Nations' latest climate conference, he let out a gas eruption as a fellow panelist politely shielded...

New York’s $54 million pot haul shows legal weed dreams up in smoke

New York seized 11,000 pounds of weed from illegal shops in 2023. Proving yet again that the state's pot law is a huge bust...

Ramaswamy doesn’t do shame, but he’s embarrassing his party

After the fourth Republican presidential debate, it is clear that the Republican Party will never be led by Vivek Ramaswamy. His candidacy, which might once have seemed a welcome gust of fresh air, has dwindled into a third-rate imitation of former President Donald Trump’s greatest conspiratorial hits.

Campus antisemitism was predictable — and a top-school degree may soon be worthless

Elite universities such as Stanford and Yale boasted that their so-called “white” incoming student numbers had plunged to between 20% and 40%.

Israel is not morally required to sacrifice its people to save Gazan civilians

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently stated, "I learned a thing or two about urban warfare from my time fighting in Iraq and leading the...

The White House partnered with CAIR to fight antisemitism — despite its antisemitism

Nihad Awad, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, gave a speech last month that circulated this week as he described Hamas’ Oct. 7...

Biden’s enlisting of CAIR to fight antisemitism was always nuts

The white House should never have teamed up with CAIR in the first place; the group has always been borderline antisemitic and the Hamas...

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