‘Inclusive for all’: First-term Black Republican talks non-White voters ditching Dems for GOP

Rep. Wesley Hunt spoke with Fox News Digital about being an RNC speaker and his efforts to turn Black voters out for former President Trump in November.

Classified docs case dismissal means ‘greatest’ legal ‘threat’ to Trump is ‘gone’: experts

Some legal experts are calling a Florida judge's dismissal of former President Trump's case a "strongly reasoned" opinion that eliminates the "greatest threat" to former president.

App delivery minimum wage is shutting out workers and NYC lefties don’t care

Basic math undoes the progressive economic agenda yet again: After the innumerates at the...

Trump Dodges Another Bullet: Jack Smith

Everything really is going Donald Trump’s way in the six weeks since his conviction...

Andy McCarthy on Why Jack Smith Appointment Was Unconstitutional

The dismissal of the documents case was shocking to many, but our own Andy...

App delivery minimum wage is shutting out workers and NYC lefties don’t care

Basic math undoes the progressive economic agenda yet again: After the innumerates at the City Council mandated a $17.96 per hour wage for app...

Democrats’ gamble to eliminate Trump through lawfare finally fails with documents case dismissal

Not even 48 hours after an assassination attempt came within an inch of murdering Donald Trump on national television, the former president has effectively conquered the Democratic Party’s attempt to eliminate him from the 2024 election through lawfare. The federal classified documents case against the de facto Republican presidential nominee has been dismissed by Judge […]

Days after Biden said ‘time to put Trump in a bullseye,’ someone tried to kill Trump

For nearly nine years, liberals, Democrats, left-wingers, and Never Trumpers have vilified former President Donald Trump. They called him a racist, they called him a fascist, and they called him every dirty name in the book and portrayed him as if he were the Antichrist. They regularly (and falsely) said he was a threat to […]

Prison oversight is a model for Senate priorities

A new federal prison oversight bill exemplifies what kind of work the Senate should focus on. Spearheaded by Sens. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) and Mike Braun (R-IN), it follows extensive bipartisan investigations into federal prisons. Through their investigations, the senators uncovered pervasive corruption, abuse, and misconduct within the federal prison system. This severe lack of oversight […]

Will the Left drop their awful ‘stochastic terrorism’ talk now?

President Joe Biden is not responsible for the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. Neither could one fairly pin blame on the New Republic, nor any of the liberals who have spent eight years — and particularly the last few months — demonizing Trump. But these demonizers of Trump, who cry that Trump would […]

Florida man Trump could pick Rubio as a running mate, but it would create problems

MILWAUKEE — Florida Man Donald Trump could select fellow Florida Man Marco Rubio as his running mate, but it makes winning November more complicated. This involves one of the most misunderstood parts of the Constitution, the second clause of the 12th Amendment: “The Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for […]

Congressional stock trading is corrupt

It is corrupt that a representative or senator can use insider knowledge to make money on the stock market. It is corrupt that he or she may regularly buy or sell stocks in companies that will be directly affected by regulations, subsidies, taxes, and loopholes being created on Capitol Hill. The corruption is legal because […]

Trump assassination attempt follows a Charlottesville every weekend & January 6th on steroids

After years of Joe Biden’s warnings that the “deadly serious” Donald Trump is the single greatest danger to American democracy and “a threat to our freedom” and “literally everything America stands for,” a lone gunman took the current president’s diatribes about the former president both seriously and literally. The 20-year old Thomas Matthew Crooks shot […]

Melania Trump calls on Americans to reunite and ‘look beyond left and right’ after Donald is shot

Of all the words uttered since Donald Trump was nearly felled by an assassin’s bullet and tragedy struck his rally in Pennsylvania, the most...

Dangerous Dems have been fueling violent political rhetoric for the last eight years — Americans deserve better

The assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump brings the inciting rhetoric of today’s Democrats into sharp focus.

America needs answers on Secret Service failure: Let the subpoenas fly

Saturday’s assassination attempt raises huge questions about the Secret Service — and its political overseers.

Defiant Trump strides into the RNC convention spotlight as Biden and the Dems deflate

As the Democrats publicly struggle with their Biden problem, the GOP's convention strategy will feature outreach to the other party's disaffected voters.

The GOP convention just took a huge turn — and Dems have nothing to say

Donald Trump announced Sunday that he won’t be delaying his trip to Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention, having “decided that I cannot allow a ‘shooter,’...

Media kept bias on full display after Trump assassination attempt

Terrified viewers deserved objective, unbiased coverage, but some outlets failed the test miserably.

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