Posted by on November 5, 2018 8:48 am

President Trump spoke about the situation in Yemen during an interview with Axios on HBO. In an excerpt shared by Axios on twitter, Trump was asked about the situation there.

“I think it’s a terrible situation,” said Trump. “I hated seeing what happened with the bus and the children cause that’s pure — that’s a horror show when you see a thing like that, you saw the bus.”

Trump was referring to a Saudi operation back in August, when they used a US made bomb to blow up a school bus with about 40 children in it. Report say that, Saudi pilots, afraid of anti-aircraft defense in Yemen, they fly so high up that when they deploy bombs, reaching the intended target becomes an issue.

Trump said that even-though US provides training to Saudi military, this type of casualties show that Saudi’s don’t know how to operate these weapons.