Posted by on October 16, 2018 1:26 pm

In an interview with Fox and Friends, Sen. Lindsey Graham used very strong words when asked ‘what happened inside the Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Turkey and was Jamal Khashoggi murdered’.

“I know this, nothing happens in Saudi Arabia without MBS knowing it…MBS is the 33 years old Crown Prince who jumped over other people, he is the son of the existing King” continued Sen. Graham. “And I think he is on a bad track, I can never do business with Saudi Arabia again until we get this behind us. That means I am not going back to Saudi Arabia as long as this guy is in charge.”

When asked to clarify if that meant that ‘Saudi Crown Prince has to leave’, Sen. Graham responded that “it’s up to them, but I am not going back to Saudi Arabia, until this guy is in power. The MBS figure is toxic, he can never be a world leader on the world stage.”

“I know what I am going to do” continued Sen. Graham. “I am going to sanction the hell out of Saudi Arabia. We deal with bad people all the time, but this is in our face. I feel personally offended. They have nothing but contempt for us. Why would you put a guy like me and the President in this box, after all the President has done. This guy got to go. Saudia Arabia if you are listening, there are a lot of good people you can choose, but MBS has tainted your country and tainted himself” finished Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Here is the full clip: