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Andrew Brunson, a pastor from North Carolina, who was arrested and imprisoned by Turkey, was released after two years in detention.

Franklin Graham joined Todd Starnes on Fox News Radio to talk about pastor Brunson and his release. Starnes mentioned the great contribution that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump gave for the release. He also highlighted the support of other groups such as the Family Research Council including Tony Perkins who were with the Pastor in Turkey making the preparations for flying him back home to United States.

“One of the individuals who has rallied support for the cause of Pastor Brunson since the beginning, is Franklin Graham” said Todd Starnes while introducing him on the program and asking him how he felt today with the release of the pastor.

“I am just so thankful to God for answering prayer, and these are prayers that have been prayed for several years for Andrew Brunson…and we’re just thrilled that he is coming home. I am thankful to President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and for the entire administration for getting behind Andrew Brunson and making this happen” said Franklin Graham.

“If it wasn’t for President Trump it wouldn’t have happen. We have never had a President, in my lifetime, that has stood up for American citizens like [Trump] has, and to defend them the way he has, and actually to do whatever it takes to get him home, so God bless him” continued Graham.

Starnes pointed out that previous administrations would not have gone the extra mile to actually bring back home pastor Brunson, or even taken the steps the Trump administration took. “He even threaten some significant sanctions on Turkey if they didn’t release pastor Brunson” said Starnes.

“Exactly” continued Franklin Graham, “Is that kind of strong arm that got their attention. And our allies are not used to America standing up like this, and they have been taking advantage of us” finished Graham.

Click here to listen to the full interview of Franklin Graham on Todd Starnes Show.

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