Posted by on October 9, 2018 12:18 pm

Diamond and Silk, the pair of diehard Donald Trump super-fans, were on Todd Starnes Show and spoke about their upcoming movie "Dummycrats."

"I knew that y'all were going to be like movie stars I just don't know if Hollywood can handle what's about to happen" said Starnes when introducing Diamond and Silk on the show.

"We know that the president is draining the swamp so what we're doing is exposing the swamp and exposing the hypocrisy with our new movie, " explained Diamond and Silk.

"In the movie you're going to see us exposing the hypocrisy, you know you have one congresswoman running around talking about we have to impeach [President Trump] but after we go when we take a look at [Maxine Watters] district she needs to be impeached that's right you know you have one sitting behind their mansion behind their a brick fence wall in their vine yards and look at their district you walk all over their district... there's feces and everything else all over the place."

Diamond and Silk said they have the right to criticize their Congress men and women: "we paid their salaries they don't pay us, they work for us.  And if you're not doing what the American people want you we're going to have to vote you out so technically we are their boss that's right so they need to be doing what we want them to do."

Click above to listen to the full interview on Fox News Radio.

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