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I want to tell you about my upcoming book, “Jesus Is Risen, Paul and the Early Church,” for release Oct. 2. This is my fourth Christian-themed book and I am more enthused with each one.

Ever since I became a believer, I’ve been eager to share my experiences. Ever since I began to study the Bible, I’ve been anxious to share what I’ve learned with people who may be skeptics or unsure, like I used to be.

In my first Christian-themed book, “Jesus on Trial,” I recounted my personal faith journey from skeptic to believer. Next was “The Emmaus Code,” in which I detailed the countless ways the Old Testament points to Jesus Christ.

In “The True Jesus,” I presented the Gospels as one unified narrative in chronological order. I went through nearly every verse in all four books, sometimes quoting verbatim and other times paraphrasing, though striving to remain absolutely true to the text, which I firmly believe is the inspired Word of God. Throughout the narrative, I interlaced commentary and insights — my own and those of reliable scholars and commentators. My aim was to introduce readers — both inexperienced and advanced — to the flow of the Gospels and to help them better understand the material. My ultimate goals, as with all these books, were to whet the readers’ appetite to read the words of Scripture itself, instill a passion for the Bible, and encourage people to make reading and studying it a lifelong commitment.

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