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screengrab via @toddstarnes

Todd Starnes has been an on-air talent for Fox News Channel for more than a decade. His three-hour radio program is nationally syndicated to more than 100 radio stations also hosts a daily short form radio commentary that is heard on more than 500 stations around the world. This fall when Fox Nation launches in November he will be hosting a daily show. He’s the author of four books the most recent being the “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again” a handbook on how Christians can engage the culture.

During his speech at the Values Voter Summit, he reminded all present that he’s proud to call himself a “gun-toting bible clinging son of a Baptist.” “I’m not bitter, I’m blessed I’m not irredeemable because according to that great gospel song, I’ve been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb,” said Starnes.

“Joe Biden has been talking smack about you good people saying that you are the “dregs of society”. That’s what he says. Well I’d say it’s better to be a drag of society than an unemployed wearing pajama boy living in his mother’s basement.” continued Starnes.

Non-apologetic for his support for President Trump, Starnes said that: “he’s done something that hasn’t been done since Ronald Reagan was in office, he is actually delivering on his campaign promises.”

“Jobs are coming back to America tax reform is taking money out of Uncle Sam’s bank account and put it right back into ours. Trump affirmed the vocational Arts assuring young men and young women that not everyone has to go to college…and as the son of an electrician and the product of a blue-collar upbringing …I’m here today to tell you that America needs more construction workers and mechanics and welders and bricklayers.” said Starnes.

Starnes weighed in also on Kavanaugh case. He pointed out that in a statement for the media the attorney for Christine Blasey Ford accused the Republicans of basically being woman-hating bullies, “but in reality it’s judge Kavanaugh and his family who have been bullied and I say enough with the dirty tricks enough with the political smears it’s time to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the bench” concluded Starnes.

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